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254                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

England should not be sent to prison by retalia-
tion, even should there be a general order for it.

A friend wrote to me from Paris that he was
afraid the handsome things thought and said of
me there me feroient du tort chez nous. Can I
help being liked ?

I found a Captain Davies, of Hull, at Calais,
who had made his escape from Arras; and as I
happened to be well with the people there, the
magistrates and commissioners made no opposi-
tion to my putting him down as a servant of
mine, and I have brought him over.

The De Mauldes have suffered great losses
by speculating in the Caisse d'Escomptes.

Perregaux writes me word that his daughter
is asked in marriage by a man past forty, and
she d'accord. This is the youngest Barth£lemy.
It is an awkward circumstance at this time, when
the elder brother is on his way to Cayenne. The
rulers cannot like Perregaux's forming such a

London, 1798.

All London was yesterday in a hubbub on
the sudden arrival of Sir Sidney Smith from

i This marriage did not take place.